Family Education Through Christian Homes
Current Class Descriptions-PreSchool
Start: 12:05:00
Class NameDescriptionTeacherClass MinClass MaxFeeAgesMediaMedia ListMaterialsStudent MaterialsEnd
PreSchool This class will be supervised by you, the parent of a preschooler. and teachers who will interact with others throughout the day. Those parents choosing to use the preschool room will be provided (by F.E.T.C.H.) with the following supplies or activities: Preschool curriculum work sheets, Supply cart with supplies for the room and art supplies for completing parent-led projects. Preschoolers may be included in age appropriate classes throughout the day. Please check schedule displayed outside of classroom. Snacks may be eaten in the preschool room and provided by parents for their child. Parents of preschoolers are expected to: Tidy up the room throughout the day and help with other parents' children who need to teach **** All students must be potty trained to participate in this class.****Parent Led110 2 - 4YesVarious nursery children songs and children's DVD's. learning and art supplies 16:10:00