Family Education Through Christian Homes
Current Class Descriptions-5-6
Start: 12:05:00
Class NameDescriptionTeacherClass MinClass MaxFeeYear LongAgesMediaMedia ListMaterialsStudent MaterialsEnd
Introducing Music Students will be introduced to many musical instruments and have the chance to hear them played. We will be able to write musical notes on music paper and then play it on a piano. We will have time to play children's instruments, like the cymbals, triangle, rhythm blocks and many more. We may also spend time singing! If you love music, come join the fun. Sherry Gaboury112 No5 - 6, 7 - 9YesSingable Songs for Children's Ministry, Toddler Tunes 1 & 2, Worship Jamz 2, Big Songs for Little Kids 1 & 2, Donut Man. Ask teacher to see song lists for specific titles and artist. instruments, paper, music cd's n.a. 13:00:00
Karate for Christ This term we have the privilege of Mr. Eric Swanson teaching the Karate for Christ class. Mr. Swanson has been training for 8 years in Tang Soo Do. He has owned and taught his own school for 6 years. Mr. Swanson is a third degree Black Belt. Karate for Christ is a program through Professional Karate Schools of America. Students will learn the art of Tang Soo Do (this will include techniques in learning sparring, breaking, various instruments such as staffs, nunchuku, etc.) along with memorization of scripture. Devotions will be used in class to understand how Christianity and martial arts can come together. PKSA is a Christian organization committed to teaching Tang Soo Do in such a way that students not only succeed in martial arts but in life. Part of the class cost is for $45.00 for the uniform to be worn in class which consists of shirt, pants and belt. *PKSA uniform MUST be worn at all classes.**Students who have purchased a PKSA uniform in a previous term will not be charged $45.00 unless student is in need of a new uniform.**Students who qualify at the end of term will have the option to test to the next belt level. Qualifying students who choose to test will have an additional fee for testing. At orientation/payment day, students will be measured for size of the uniform which will then be ordered by FETCH through PKSA. All uniforms must be ordered through FETCH and PKSA. Uniforms will be available for first day of class.Mr. Eric Swanson11570No5 - 6, 7 - 9, 10 - 12, 13 - 19NoN/A $45 for PKSA Uniform; $25 for Mr. Swanson's gas to and from F.E.T.C.H Location. 13:00:00
Start: 13:05:00
Class NameDescriptionTeacherClass MinClass MaxFeeYear LongAgesMediaMedia ListMaterialsStudent MaterialsEnd
Games Playing games is more than just play. Playing games can also be educational. A great way to throw in learning without your child knowing it. In this class, we will be playing games with a purpose. Math, strategy, language arts, puzzling, fine motor skills...the list is endless. Who knew learning could be so much fun! ** All games will be provided.**Shannon Graham 620 No5 - 6, 7 - 9, 10 - 12, 13 - 19NoNone All games will be provided. 14:00:00
Movie Time with Friends Come join us with favorite stuffed friend, pillow or blanket. Let's hang out and watch a kids/christian appropriate movie.TBA110 No5 - 6YesDonut Man Series, Superbook Series, others T.B.A. dvds Bring a snack, juice box, stuffed friend, pillow or blanket. 14:00:00
Start: 14:05:00
Class NameDescriptionTeacherClass MinClass MaxFeeYear LongAgesMediaMedia ListMaterialsStudent MaterialsEnd
Physical Education Gym is a fun workout with exercises in coordination, balance and following directions using various pieces of equipment (jump rope, hula-hoop, etc). Students learn about the importance of warming up and stretching and also cooling down. Children should wear appropriate athletic clothes and tennis shoes. Each child will be assembling and decorating their own hula hoops.Shannon Graham and Jennifer Bushon4155No5 - 6, 7 - 9Nona Materials for making Hoola Hoops. Appropriate athletic clothes and tennis shoes 15:00:00
Start: 15:15:00
Class NameDescriptionTeacherClass MinClass MaxFeeYear LongAgesMediaMedia ListMaterialsStudent MaterialsEnd
Working with our Hands This class will have various activities to create fun things using fine motor skills. Students will use their hands in activities such as play dough, finger painting, coloring, cutting with scissors, puzzles, and finger plays. Kim English510 No5 - 6NoN/A N/A 16:10:00